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Liver Cancer News
Liver Cancer Breakthrough News

Jan 21, 2008
ASCO GI: Radiation-Loaded Beads Show Promise for Colorectal Liver Metastases

  By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21 -- Patients with colorectal cancer that's metastasized to the liver appeared to derive a survival benefit from local delivery of radiation-loaded beads, data from a small study suggested.   <READ MORE>


July 23, 2008
Sorafenib Extends Advanced Liver Cancer Survival

  By Crystal Phend, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

NEW YORK, July 23 -- Sorafenib (Nexavar), an oral kinase inhibitor, modestly extends survival in advanced liver cancer, researchers found.   <READ MORE>


Apr 8, 2008
Combination Therapy Improves Hepatocellular Carcinoma Survival

  By Crystal Phend, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

JINAN, China, April 8 -- For large hepatocellular carcinoma tumors, transarterial chemoembolization plus radiofrequency ablation improves survival better than either alone, according to researchers here.   <READ MORE>


Jan 28, 2008
ASCO GI: HCV Infection Does Not Blunt Sorafenib Response in Liver Cancer

  By Peggy Peck, Executive Editor, MedPage Today

ORLANDO, Jan. 28 -- Infection with hepatitis C did not affect response to sorafenib (Nexavar) used to treat liver cancer, researchers said here.   <READ MORE>


Oct 26, 2007
AACR-NCI-EORTC: Sunitinib Shows Early Promise in Liver Cancer

  By Crystal Phend, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26 -- Sunitinib (Sutent) appears to be effective in advanced hepatocellular cancer, according to a small study.  <READ MORE>



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