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  • Pharmaceutical, Clinical, and Research Updates
    ICARE Pharmaceutical, Clinical, and Research Updates are committed to providing cancer survivors with the latest information available on treatment options, pharmaceutical news, as well as clinical and research updates.
  • Personalized Research Consortium (I-Team)
    ICare's goal is to enable individual patients and their doctors to access and support the most creative and relevant scientists who are likely to solve their particular cancer problems. New thinking and new collaborations lead to new drugs and new therapeutic options for these individual doctors treating individual cancer patients.

    The key to this innovative approach is the I-Team, a revolutionary collaboration between the patients, their doctors, and world-class scientists, working to discover the best treatment options for complete tumor eradication. Learn more, including how to join.
  • Cancer Breakthrough News
    ICare keeps you up to date on breaking news in Leukemia Research.  Click here to review.
  • 24/7 Access to ICARE
    We are here for you and committed to helping you network with the people that can help you.
  • ICARE Registry
    The first step in letting us help you, is to let us get to know about you and your diagnosis better. To do this we ask that you register with ICARE, if you have not done so already. This will allow us to keep you updated with information that may be crucial for your survival.
  • Leukemia Therapy Review (CTR)
    With registration, you will receive a Leukemia Therapy Review booklet that we publish that provides all the ICare Leukemia therapy information we've compiled in to one single source.  The CTR booklet includes a description of the disease, staging procedures, explanations of current treatments and diagnostic tests, a list of the ongoing clinical trials, second opinion centers and more. Two versions, one for the physician and one for the patient, are available.

    Click here to register and order your Leukemia Therapy Review.
  • PEP Centers
    Patient Education Partner (PEP) Centers are a premier example of our patient-centric information delivery system. It is designed to provide patients access to an electronic library of cancer information and on-line hook-ups at the community level.
  • Patient Experiences
    A New On-line (Virtual) Dialog Approach for Sharing Leukemia Therapy Experiences among patients
  • ICARE Think Tanks
    ICARE Think Tanks are small, confidential focus groups which address therapy issues from a patient's perspective.

    Our process begins when 5 patients establish an agenda relating to a specific form of cancer. ICARE then convenes 5 of the top physicians and researchers in the world, along with the patients, to address that agenda for a 1-2 day face-to-face meeting.
  • Editorial, Steering and Research Panels
    An Editorial, Steering and Research Panels are formed (or are being formed) for each major type of cancer.

    ICARE is forming a tripartite network of patients, physicians and researchers to provide the driving force for our programs.

    Through these committees, patients are encouraged to have major input into the content, style and accomplishments of the ICARE information and research programs.
  • Private Electronic Support Groups
    ICARE's Private Electronic Support Groups are designed to facilitate private discussions between and/or among individuals dealing with common types of cancer or common issues. These support groups will be established on as "as needed" basis. If you desire such support, please contact ICARE.
  • Video-Teleconferencing for Second Opinions
    Our Video-Teleconferencing for Second Opinions area is designed to utilize available technology to assist patients, families, and medical providers in assuring timely quality access regardless of time and distance considerations. These support activities will be established on as "as needed" basis. If you desire such support, please contact ICARE

    ICARE has also compiled a listing of some major cancer research and treatment centers that offer "second-opinion" services.
    To view these centers click here.
  • Clinical Trial Matching Program
    The ICARE Clinical Trial Matching Program builds and enhances the bridges that provide patients, advocates, and primary care physicians with access to the latest relevant on- going global clinical trials sponsored by government and industry. It provides industry and academia with an established mechanism to identify and access patients having the characteristics needed for a trial. Access is provided to current and up-to-date information through ICARE.
:: 12 Element Approach ::
Explore and supplement your therapy with ICare's unique 12-Element approach to Patient Survival.

:: Breakthrough News ::
Breaking news on research for gentler, more effective therapies and information on lifesaving treatment options.

:: ICare Bulletin Board ::
View pertinent information regarding meetings and events pertaining to cancer patients. This is also a resource for contacting other patients about information and treatment options.

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