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Lung Cancer News
Lung Cancer Breakthrough News

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  August 19, 2008
Targeted Therapy Tops Chemo in Selected NSCLC
  By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

Targeted therapy with gefitinib (Iressa) led to a fourfold improvement in progression-free survival, compared with chemotherapy in selected patients with nonsmall-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), a multinational group of Asian investigators reported.

  Apr 3, 2008
Genetic Link to Lung Cancer Found on Chromosome 15
  By Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today

WASHINGTON, April 3 -- HOUSTON, April 3 -- A genetic variation that is strongly linked to the risk of developing lung cancer has been independently pinpointed by labs here, in Iceland, and in France.

  Mar 17, 2008
SIR: RF Ablation Extends Survival in Lung Cancer
  By Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today

WASHINGTON, March 17 -- Radiofrequency ablation of small malignant lung lesions appears to offer survival of at least two years for nearly three-quarters of patients not suitable for surgery, a French researcher said here.  <READ MORE>

  Mar 12, 2008
Gene Methylation Patterns Predict Early-Stage NSCLC Recurrence
  By Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today

BALTIMORE, March 12 -- A group of four genes can be used to predict the risk of recurrence of stage I non-small-cell lung cancer, researchers here said.  <READ MORE>

  Feb 29, 2008
Vitamin Supplements Found Ineffective Against Lung Cancer 
  By Judith Groch, Senior Writer, MedPage Today

SEATTLE, Feb. 29 -- The development of lung cancer appears to overwhelm any putative protective effects of prolonged use of vitamins C, E, and folate supplements, found researchers here.  <READ MORE>

  Feb 5, 2008
Minimally Invasive Biopsies Impressive for Suspected Lung Cancer
  By Judith Groch, Senior Writer, MedPage Today

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 5 -- For staging suspected lung cancer, two minimally invasive endoscopic biopsy approaches appeared to be viable alternatives to traditional invasive mediastinoscopy, researchers here reported.  <READ MORE>

  Jan 29, 2008
Lung Cancer Risk of One Marijuana Joint a Day Equals Daily Pack of Cigarettes
  By Crystal Phend, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Jan. 29 -- Smoking a single marijuana joint may be as carcinogenic to the lung as 20 tobacco cigarettes, researchers here determined.   <READ MORE>

  Oct 30, 2007
Retinoic Acid Linked to Reduced Lung Cell Growth in Ex-Smokers
  By Judith Groch, Senior Writer, MedPage Today

HOUSTON, Oct. 30 -- Retinoic acid, a vitamin A derivative, reduced cell proliferation in the bronchial epithelium of former smokers, according to a preliminary study.   <READ MORE>

  Oct 16, 2007
FDA Approves Oral Agent for Relapsed Small-Cell Lung Cancer
  By Peggy Peck, Executive Editor. MedPage Today

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 16 -- The FDA has approved topotecan (Hycamtin) capsules for treatment of relapsed small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), GlaxoSmithKline has announced.   <READ MORE>

  Sept 20, 2007
AACR: Tumor Protein May Offer Potential for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
  By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

ATLANTA, Sept. 20 -- A protein expressed by virtually all lung cancers offers the potential for a serum biomarker that could lead to early diagnosis of more patients, investigators reported here.   <READ MORE>

  Sept 7, 2007
IASLC: Phototherapy Produces High Response in Centrally Located Early Lung Tumors
  By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 7 -- More than 90% of cases of centrally located lung tumors saw complete response to photodynamic therapy and there were few recurrences, according to results of a small study.   <READ MORE>

  Aug 31, 2007
Hunts Narrows for 'Popcorn Lung' Culprit
By Michael Smith, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, Aug. 31 -- Four cases of bronchiolitis obliterans among chemical plant workers shed new light on possible causes of "popcorn lung," researchers here said.  <READ MORE>

  June 16, 2007
PET Scans May Predict Response in NSCLC Treatment
By Charles Bankhead, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 19 -- It may be possible to determine whether non-small cell lung cancer is responding to radiation therapy before the course of treatment is over, a small study evaluating the predictive value of PET imaging suggests.  <READ MORE>


June 6, 2007
ASCO: Meta-Analysis Backs Benefits of Adjuvant Chemotherapy for NSCLC

  By Peggy Peck, Managing Editor, MedPage Today

CHICAGO, June 6 -- An updated and expanded meta-analysis has reinforced the survival advantage conferred by adjuvant chemotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer, first hinted at 12 years ago.  <READ MORE>


June 6, 2007
ASCO: Adjuvant Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Reducing NSCLC Recurrence

  By Crystal Phend, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

CHICAGO, June 6 -- An investigational immunotherapy that targets an antigen produced by non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tended to reduce the risk of recurrence by 27% when used as adjuvant therapy with surgery.<READ MORE>

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