Blog Dr. Califano’s New Therapy Options Technology

Dr. Andrea Califano finds new Therapy Options through using patient’s tumor tissue and a Systems Biology technology at Columbia Univ. 

 Here is the link:  N-of-1 Clinical Trials and Precision Medicine for Cancer

ICARE’s paraphrased description of Dr. Califano’s trial to discover new therapeutic options on an individual patient basis is shown next. 

Current N-of-1 cancer clinical trials

Columbia University Medical Center is currently recruiting 260 patients to participate in personalized, N-of-1 clinical trials in Breast Cancer and certain other types of cancer.

During the single patient’ clinical trial (i.e the patient is the N-of-1) the steps are:

  • tumor tissue removed from patient during surgery and sent to Dr Califano’s lab at Columbia, undergoes whole genome DNA sequencing and RNA expression analysis.
  • Researchers in our laboratory then analyze this information within the context of models of gene regulation that are specific to that tumor type.
  • Dr Califano’s computer algorithms analysis allows Califano lab members to identify the distinctive master regulators that are required for the cancerous activity in that specific patient’s tumor.
  • The lab then search for existing FDA-approved drugs — or drugs currently at advanced stages of clinical testing — that are known to target those master regulators.
  • Suitable drugs are immediately tested on the patient’s tumor sample, either in cell culture or after being implanted into a mouse model (technically called a patient-derived xenograft, or PDX), to determine if the compound stops tumor growth.
  • If treatment is effective, it may be investigated further in a more traditional clinical trial.
  • Providing patients with clinical treatment is beyond the scope of this current round of N-of-1 clinical trials, but if actionable information is found for an individual patient, it may be shared with his or her physician.

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