Blog Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s Her 2 Breast Cancer Vaccine

Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s Her 2 Breast Cancer Vaccine prevents recurrence over 7 years in Her 2 positive/ER negative patients :  See story at   –

Here is an excerpt:

In what way are these results exciting and different from other breast cancer vaccines?

First, Dr. Czerniecki has over a seven-year track record of immunizing real people with breast cancer using this vaccine. This is not a pie-in-the-sky idea that has been tried only “in the test tube” or in mouse models. The vaccinated patients have had real, tangible results. Seven of the patients, when sent to surgery after receiving the course of vaccinations, had no detectable cancer left in their breasts. Several of the patients showed such a large degree of tumor shrinkage that the remaining disease could be safely removed using a lumpectomy procedure, rather than having to remove the whole breast. Past attempts by others to produce anti-cancer vaccines show that immunity wanes a few weeks after vaccination. The responses from Dr. Czerniecki’s vaccine have been shown to last for years, potentially offering patients long-term protection from recurrent tumors. Finally, there have been no recurrences in a large subset of our patients. No current therapy, established or experimental, has ever shown this level of prevention. The results of these trials have been published in peer-reviewed journals including Cancer Research (2007), Cancer (2012) and the Journal of Immunotherapy (2012).